IoT Connectivity LoRaWAN

IoT Connectivity LoRaWAN with a flexible tariff model


Simple management of your connected LoRaWAN devices: Manage your connectivity profiles and use the self-service functionalities such as configuration of devices, diagnostic, alarming and reportings of your LoRaWAN devices directly in the portal or via the API interface.


Manage your connectivity

  • Receive a clear overview of your IoT devices directly in the dashboard or via the API interface. The Connectivity Management Platform LPN supports you to technically implement your business case for your IoT solution on a local or global scale - all from one source and on one invoice.

Transparent prices

Stay in control of your expenses: With the two available tariff models to choose from you have the ideal solution for your IoT use case with no hidden costs, and you only pay what you use.

Only pay what you use

  • Both flexible tariff models IoT High Basic and IoT Low Basic consist of a base fee and usage dependent costs for up- and downlinks. With these two tariff models, you can optimally serve applications with low communication as well as communication-intensive applications.
  • Offer Price plan IoT Low Basic: Base fee: CHF 0.60, Price per uplink: CHF 0.00045, Price per downlink: CHF 0.0020
  • Offer Price plan IoT High Basic: Base fee: CHF 1.00, Price per uplink: CHF 0.000025, Price per downlink: CHF 0.0005
  • Note: Technical support is only available via e-mail.


Strong network population coverage of 97% in Switzerland: Swisscom Low Power Network (LPN) enables you a nation-wide outdoor coverage of LoRaWAN. Furthermore, simple and cost-efficient options for extending coverage in buildings is available.

Energy-efficient, high range and cost-efficient

  • Swisscom LPN is compliant with all current versions of the LoRaWAN specification. Thanks to the narrow bandwidth and the resulting high range and high building penetration, LPN is ideally suited for the energy-efficient transmission of small amounts of data. The energy-efficient technology enables a long battery life with minimal maintenance. The public network enables low investment and network costs, large coverage and energy-efficient transmission, high scalability and efficiency in local expansion. Access a professional network in the LoRa-ecosystem with maximum network availability for all of Switzerland. In addition, secure data transmission with AES-128 encryption, geo-redundancy and around-the-clock monitoring (24/7).

Central management platform

Central management of your connectivity profiles: the new LoRaWAN-specification offers scalability and security of your use cases. Monitor your data traffic through the high-performance portal. Monitor, analyze and control your IoT devices from anywhere and at anytime.

Simple, efficient and reliable

  • The connectivity management platform for the low power network forms the basis for centrally organizing the connectivity of all end devices. The user interface is easy to use. Manage your connectivity profiles, create informative reports and stay in control thanks to monitoring, diagnostic functions and integrated alarm signals and trigger functions. The Low Power Network connectivity platform is continuously being developed so that it meets the essential requirements of any IoT solution. It also allows you to manage all of your connectivity profiles, be it local or remote, through a single platform and API.

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